Wilem is a raper-songer and former member of The Black Eyed Peas. He had worldwide success in late 2012 with his most recent single 'Scram & Shit', which featured flop quen Brinty Spreas.

Wilem was the subject of the first episode of spin-off series Medoner's Behind The Scones.


Medoner's Behind The SconesEdit

Despite producing and writing Scram & Shit, Wil only sung part of the hook and chorus, and was cut off by Brinty when he attempted to sing a full verse at the end. In the music video he appeared against various white and black backdrops while wearing a gold crown embossed with the word 'TWAT'.

During her tour of the Scram & Shit set for her 'Behind The Scones's show, Medoner interviewed Brinty about the collaboration, but kept interrupting Wil each time he tried to speak.

Nekci Menij & Friends: All-Star Studio - Episode 6Edit

He shows people the music and lyrics from his fourth album Wilpowur.

Comeback (Part 2)Edit

He attends the flop meeting held by Nekci.

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