The Nekci Menij Show - 2 Year Anniversary Special, also known by its subtitle Still Trolling Brinty, is a special bonus episode of The Nekci Menij Show released during its fourth season.

As its title suggests, the special features some of the show's main characters looking back on and reviewing its very first episode, 'Trolling Brinty'.

The special was released on June 25th, 2014, exactly two years after the premiere of 'Trolling Brinty'. It has had over 30,000 views on YouTube as of February 2017.

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'Still Trolling Brinty' is a documentary-style special marking two years since the release of the very first episode of The Nekci Menij Show, 'Trolling Brinty'. Six characters are shown looking back on the series debut.

Nekci notes that she's very proud of the "raw performance" she gave. Brinty Spreas claims that she always does "live vocals" in her performances, but Kety Perr reveals that it was actually her that provided Brinty's vocals in episode 1. (This is a reference to the fact that Brinty's voice changed the first episode, with her original voice later becoming Kety's.)

Rhenna discusses the main gag from the episode, which saw her hair change colour and style repeatedly. She reveals that she didn't use wigs, instead changing her real hair, noting that the colouring "burned through my head".

Medoner insists she's not bitter about not being featured in 'Trolling Brinty' because it enabled the show to establish the relationships between Nekci, Rhenna and Brinty. However, when she's informed that Ladey Gags was also in the episode, she goes off on a rant about her arch rival.

Gags herself makes the final contribution, claiming she sees doing the show as a way of promoting her "message of tolerance and online kindness" (even though she really only wants to promote her albums).

Nekci ends the special by thanking viewers for watching her show since "the mixtape days".

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