The Flop Squad
Puris (1)

Premiere Date

Jun 3, 2013


Puris Hitlon, Emly Sendy, Xtine, Kety Perr, Bayonse`, Merna and the Dermonds, Krely Roolin And More




David Alexander

The Flop Squad Is A Web Series.

Episodes    Edit

Episode 1Edit

In Episode 1: "Bayonse` overhears Emly Sendy recording a cover of her hit "Carzy in LVU" and is unwilling to accept her reproduction of the classic song.

    1. ==Episode 2==
    2. In Episode 2: Kety Perr and Rhenna find themselves imprisoned in Medoner's dungeon for drunkenly sneaking around her courtyard, but what will happen when the two of them stumble upon a conspiracy unfolding?         
    3. ==Episode 3==
    4.  In Episode 3: The flops gather at the Pop n' Flop Headquarters to discuss their plans, but are paid an unexpected visit. Meanwhile, Bayonse travels to the YMBMC HQ in New Orleans on her quest to destroy the Gret Gotesby contract, and meets a stranger...

               Episode 4Edit

  In Episode 4: Merier, Jasy J, Mile Sires, Merna and the Dermonds & Krely Roolin continue on their trip to Miami where they plan to party hardy. Stopping at a gas station, they encounter an unlikely pair.