'Scram & Shit' single cover

Scram & Shit is a song by rapper-singer Wilem featuring flop music icon Brinty Spreas which became a worldwide hit in late 2012. It is the fourth official standalone track featuring characters from The Nekci Menij Show which hasn't been featured in the main series.

Although it was co-written and co-produced by Wilem, Brinty sings most of the vocals and cuts off Wil at the end when he attempts his own verse.

Medoner also sings one line in the intro, but she was not credited.


Scram & Shit is the second collaboration from the pair after 'Big Fat Bass', which they recorded for Brinty's seventh studio album, Fatte Femele. Brinty said she wanted to do another because her fans were 'very keen' on their first. Speaking about how she came up with the idea for the song, Brinty said: "Wel sumtims I scram at papratsi, and sumtims I shit, so I thort to put dose 2 consepts togeva wud b rly hi enegy and apeling to ppl."

Lyrically, the song focusses on 'the club', with Brinty's verse addressing her supposed superiority over her rival flopstars.

Music videoEdit

The music video premiered on December 22, 2012 during the first edition of new series Medoner's Behind The Scones. During the show, Brinty was seen filming once scene in a white room, before doing another while sitting down 'because she has two children'. During a playback of the footage, Wilem described it as 'dope', 'dat's so dope', 'nxt lvl dopenes' and 'so dope'. It was shot and directed by P£nk.

The clip primarily consists of Wil and Brinty appearing multiplied against basic black and white backdrops. Brinty is seen smashing statues of Adole and Bayonse and setting fire to copies of Xtine's albums.

Having interviewed them for Behind The Scones, Medoner makes three brief appearances, in which she drinks vodka, sings her line "Can someone turn this shit off?", and types the name of her album MDNE on a typewriter. There are also cameos from Brinty's fellow X Fater judge Dumi Luvoto when she sings the "I wanna shave those eyebrows dear", and Ladey Gags, whose head appears mounted on a wall.

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