Samon Cwol is a record label executive, and the creator and head judge of reality TV talent competition The X Fater.

His makes his debut in Episode 9, Rhenna Holidey, when he sacks Nicel Shitsinger from the judging panel of the US X Fater and offers the position to Brinty Spreas. She agrees to do it for $15million and the free promo, but says she'll only order Starbucks and occasionally throw shade. Samon is fine with this, declaring: "am a slav 5 u."

Samon is briefly seen in the first episode of official spin-off Bayonse's Quens Of Flop, when she previewed an upcoming episode of The X Fater. During the clip, Samon is seen turning down an audition from Medoner.

In Episode 18 Samon is among the line of patients waiting to be seen at Dr. Merier Care's hispitel, but is abandoned when Merier decides to go shopping.