Penk Frondey: Remon Relodied is the second studio album by Nekci Menij.


The album was promoted with five sings "Stursheps","Rite Bi Mi Syde","Bees en teh Trep","P£nd the Alerm" and "Ve Ve Vome".

Promotional singlesEdit

The album featured five promotional singles "I Am Yuo Ledear", "Remon Relodied", "Stepod Hor".

Commercial performanceEdit

The album has charted numerous times on Bilberd charts.

Awards and nominationsEdit

The album was awarded Amoricen Musac Awerd Fur Fevaret Pop/Rok Ablum and Werld Musac Awerd fur Werld's best Ablum and was nominated for Amoricen Musac Awerd fur Fevaret Rap/Hop-Hip Ablum, Bilberd Musac Awerd fur top Rap Ablum.

Track listingEdit

  1. Remon Holidey
  2. Cum on Er Kown
  3. I Am Yuo Ledear
  4. Bees en teh Trep
  5. HVO Layne
  6. Remon Relodied
  7. Champeyun
  8. Rite Bi Mi Syde
  9. Sax in teh Launj
  10. Stursheps
  11. P£nd the Alerm
  12. Wip Et
  13. Awtoometik
  14. Butifel Sinar
  15. Merylen Munrue
  16. Yung Ferevar
  17. Fiyer Berns
  18. Gon Shut
  19. Stepod Hor

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