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Penk Frondey is the debut studio album by Nekci Menij.


The album features eight sings "Ur Luv" "Chek Et Owt", "Rite Thro Ma", "Memont 5 Lyfe", "Seupa Ass", "Gurls Fel Lyke Dermonds", "Fli" and "Rumen's Ravenge. The sing Masseve Attak was supposed to be released as the album's lead single but was replaced by Ur Luv.

Commercial performanceEdit

The album charted numerous times and also has three platinum certifications.


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A fragrance with the same name was released to promote the album. It was first released on September 22, 2012. In the episode True or Dire, It shows Nekci selling them at the mall.

Track listingEdit

  1. Am teh Bast
  2. Remon's Ravenge
  3. Ded Et On'Am
  4. Rite Thro Ma
  5. Fli
  6. Seve Mai
  7. Memont 5 Lyfe
  8. Chek Et Owt
  9. Blizan
  10. Hare I Em
  11. Daer Old Nekci
  12. Ur Luv
  13. Lest Chence
Dalux version
  1. Seupa Ass
  2. Bluw Ya Mend
  3. Muny
Bast Bey bunos tracks
  1. Weve Ya Hend
  2. Cetch Mai
Jepenese and Nuw Zalend bunos tracks
  1. Weve Ya Hend
  2. Cetch Mai
  3. Gurls Fel Lyke Dermonds
  4. BodReck
US iTones Sture bunos track
  1. Gurls Fel Lyke Dermonds
UK iTones Sture bunos tracks and UK Seupa Ass edishen
  1. Gurls Fel Lyke Dermonds
  2. Seupa Ass
UK iTones Sture bunos track and UK reissue
  1. Remon's Ravenge (Lol Wen Remix)