Nik is a minor character in The Nekci Menij Show, who made his debut in the Season 4 finale, 'The Single Life'. He is the husband of Merier Care.

Nik is currently known by his first name only: his surname has not been officially confirmed in The Nekci Menij Show. He is a parody of Nick Cannon, the real-life former husband of Mariah Carey.

Biography Edit

Season 4 Edit

After Merier is left stranded on a desert island by Loly Alan, she uses her cell phone to call Nik and direct her to the island to save her. As Nik arrives over the island in a helicopter, Merier hears a "woman's vocals" asking him: "Why do we have to save her?". Nik swears on Merier's career that his companion is just is co-pilot. However, furious that he'd put her career in jeopardy, Merier orders the helicopter to be shot down. As they fall from the sky it's revealed that Nik's companion was Rhenna.

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