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The first season of Nekci & Friends: All-Star Studio - a spin-off of The Nekci Menij Show - premiered on September 5th, 2013, and concluded on November 16th, 2013. It consisted of six main episodes, which premiered on the myISH YouTube channel, as well as six bonus videos on The Nekci Menij Show's official YouTube channel, GingerTheHorse.

In May 2016, all episodes from season 1 of All-Star Studio were added to a playlist entitled 'Season 3' on the GingerTheHorse YouTube channel. Therefore, season 1 of All-Star Studio is now also regarded as season 3 of The Nekci Menij Show, which later returned to its original format.

This was the only season of The Nekci Menij Show or any of its spin-offs to have a regular release schedule: new episodes were posted every two weeks. It also featured the second Halloween Special, following season 2's 'The Holowen Goast'.

Episodes Edit

No. in series No. in season Image Title Premiere Date
20 1 Nekci-s3e1 "Episode 1" September 5th, 2013
The flops begin filming their brand new TV show, 'All Star Studio', but everything seems to be going wrong. Executive producer Bayonse threatens to shut it down, until they eventually manage to finish the first episode.
21 2 Nekci-s3e2 "Episode 2" September 19th, 2013
The All Star Studio studio goes up in flames under suspicious circumstances - but Medoner won't let that stop her, and goes door-to-door interviewing celebrities.
22 3 Nekci-s3e3 "Episode 3" October 3rd, 2013
Bayonse unveils her new 'All Bayonse Studio', where she films a new episode of her chat show, Bayonse's Quens Of Flop. Medoner's #secritprojact is revealed to be a time machine.
23 4 Nekci-s3e4 "Episode 4" October 17th, 2013
Nekci and Rhenna foil Medoner's plan to go back in time to sabotage her flop rivals. Gags holds a party to launch her latest single, Vanus
24 5 Nekci-s3e5 "Episode 5" October 31st, 2013
Halloween special. Ladey Gags hijacks Ke@$h£r's party guest list. Medoner's attempt to cast a spell on her fellow flops ends up knocking her out. When they try to revive her, they end up raising the dead.
25 6 Nekci-s3e6 "Episode 6" November 16th, 2013
Bayonse angers Medoner by sending her the bill for the All Star Studio production costs. Medoner tries to track down Bayonse, but struggles to make it to her private island.

Bonus Videos Edit

During this season, six bonus videos were posted on The Nekci Menij Show's official YouTube channel, GingerTheHorse, all of which were adverts directing viewers to watch new episodes of All-Star Studio on the myISH channel.

Title Premiere Date
"Nekci & Friends #1 Premiere" September 5th, 2013
Gags and Nekci promote the first episode of All-Star Studio.
"Nekci & Friends #2 Premiere" September 19th, 2013
Brinty promotes the second episode of All-Star Studio.
"Nekci & Friends #3 Premiere" October 3rd, 2013
Lona Delery promotes the third episode of All-Star Studio.
Nekci & Friends #4 Premiere October 17th, 2013
Merier and Kety promote the fourth episode of All-Star Studio.
Nekci & Friends #5 Premiere October 31st, 2013
Medoner and Rhenna appear in Halloween costume to promote the fifth episode of All-Star Studio.
"Nekci & Friends #6 Premiere" November 16th, 2013
Ljo and Xtine promote the sixth episode of All-Star Studio.

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