Mile Sires is a recurring character in The Nekci Menij Show, introduced in Episode 13.

Rise To "Relevancy" Edit

Mile Rey Sires (born Dustini Ho Sires) was born on November 23, 1992 in Mashvil, Tenic, where she lived — until her parents sold her soul to Dizney. Mile quickly became a household name, thanks to her iconec Dizney Channel show, Haner Montaner, which premiered in 2007. Haner Montaner would go on for four seasons, but eventually came to an end in 2011. After that Mile tried acting in more mature roles, like LOlolol, but quickly realized that she was shit at acting, so she instead decided to focus on her music.

Role Summary Edit

In Episode 13 she unexpectedly turns up at Brinty Spreas' Halloween party. When she introduces herself as 'Nekci Menij, but secretly Mile Sires', Share shades her by saying: "It's not a sacret identy if nubody nos hu u r in the 1sd plase huny."

In Episode 18 she shows up at Dr. Merier Care's hispitel complaining of an injury from twerking too much. In reality she wasn't hurt at all but simply seeking attention, then later leaves singing 'I caaaaaaan't stop, and I woooooooooon't stop.'

In Episode 19 Mile takes a job gyrating at a strip club while Rhenna and Cierror toss dollars at her.

In Necki & Friends: All-Star Studio Episode 1 she performs her hit sing 'We Carn't Stoop' even though she was told by Nekci not to appear on the show. Isn't she such a rebel?