Hyena is a depressing singer/songwriter and recurring character, with one appearance in each season.

Episode 7 - The MDNE ToreEdit

Lona makes her first appearance in this episode, at the "MDNE" Tore. She appears when she says "bullshit" when Adole talks about being a serious singer. Everyone takes a long pause, and Bayonse asks "hu da fuk is dis bich". Lona exclaims, "I'm Lona Delery. I'm thu best serius songer nd im abut to blew up werldwode." Then she continues to say, "my ablum bron 3 dye is guna shit al ovr 21 tbh." Talking to Adole.

Adole in return says, "K Lona am guna b as polit as posibel hear. Ur goin thru singels lik ders 2moro nd its not werkin. I don't giv a shit if ppl quot ur lyrecs on tumbles. I only bort vedeo gams to put my boby to slape."

Lona replies, "Adole, i dnt cer aboat muny and sells. Am pur telent." Xtine tells Lona that she's been saying that about herself for years, and it hasn't been working out too well for her. She says that maybe if she had a flim with Share she would listen and give her more respect.

Lona appears later with the pop bitches, holding her very own copy of Medoner's "MDNE" ablum, in which she got for free from Nekci. She leaves with everyone else to check the nominees for the upcoming awards show and leaves in a hurry.

Episode 19 - Kety's RevengeEdit

Lona is imprisoned in the Haus Of Gags for writing a song that mocked Gags. 

Albums Edit

Released: Edit

Bron 3 Dye




Lest 5 lyif

Unreleased: Edit

Lona Delary AKA Lezzie Grunt


From Teh En

Dyong Liek M

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