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An FMA trophy

The Flop Musec Awards or FMAs for short is an annual awards extravaganza. All the pop bitches strive to receive at least one FMA yearly.

2003 FMAsEdit

Medoner kissed Brinty onstage at the 2003 ceremony and instantly became iconic. The way Medoner tells it, however, is that Brinty was trying to eat her.

2012 awardsEdit

Nekci Menij produces and cohosts the 2012 FMAs with Share in Episode 8, along with Share. Nekci conspires with Medoner to rig the show so that Madgina would be awarded the top prize. However, Menij states that she will win during her performance of "Pend the Alrem", perhaps misunderstanding her own role in the plot. The real winner should have been Adole.

Award Winner Other nominees
Most Atenshen Sekin Pulisty StuntMost Attention Seeking Publicity Stunt Adole(Adoles pregency)
  • Bayonses prigency
  • Ketys devorse
  • Jasy j brekin her one leg
  • Nekci deltin her twattir
Best Sing in a FilmBest Song in a Film Xtine
  • Kety Perr - Pert of Me (from Pert of Me)
  • Medoner - Misterpace (from W.W.W.)
Quen FlopQueen Flop 'Adole (official winner)'Medoner (rigged winner)
  • Bayonse
  • Nekci

Other Winners And Losers At the 2012 FMAs ShowEdit

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Picture showcasing the FMAs that were won by every pop bitch, aside of Kety Perr.

Every main pop bitch wins an FMA in 2012. Even XTine, who has been infamous as of late for her underperformance on the charts, wins the FMA for Best Sing From A Flim for some shitty song from her commercial disaster "Berluscoe". However, Share seems to have forgotten her co-star's existence when she presents her award, as she tweets "WHU Is she? #flop" onstage.

Bayonse wins at least three awards and even her iconic and soon-to-be legendary daughter, Blu Ive, wins one.

Adole wins Most Atenshun Seking Pulisty Stunt for her "pregnancy" after eating Kety Perr, and, as stated above, is the rightful Quen Flop of the Year.

Kety herself is completely snubbed at the ceremony. This, in combination with the struggling performance of her flim "Pert of Me In 3D" prompts her to attempt to murder Nekci.