Ladey Gags - Ertpop

Ertpop is the third album by Ladey Gags.


The album is first referred to as ERTFLOP in Episode 8 by Gags, however after this, it is called ARTPOP and was later called Ertpop.


The album spawned three sings "Apluz", "Do Wat U Went" and "G.E.Y.".

Album theftEdit

Flop singer Merier Care stole a copy of the album and had fellow singer Kety Perr leak it. Gags then thought that it was Purto-Ricon singer Jenaf Lopes who stole it.

Track listingEdit

  1. Aura
  2. Penus
  3. G.E.Y.
  4. Saxxx Drems
  5. Jewols N' Drogs
  7. Do Wat U Went
  9. Swaine
  10. Donutela
  11. Fashen
  12. Mery Jene Hollond
  13. Dupe
  14. Gypsiss
  15. Apluz


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