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Trolling BrintyEdit

Nekci: 'Kay hi I'm Nekci. This [is] my friend, Rhenna. (RHENNA enters)

Rhenna: Hey.

Nekci: Rhenna,

Rhenna: Yes, Nekci?

Nekci: let's go and troll other pop b*****s.

Rhenna: 'Kay.

Nekci: Oh look! There's One! (BRINTY SPREAS enters.) Hey Brinty.

Brinty: Hey!

Nekci: Brinty you'[a]re such a flop.

Brinty: Nekci why [are] you sayin[g] this to me?

Nekci: You haven't had a hit [song] in years.

Brinty: This is upsettin[g] me.

Nekci: Even Rhenna is better than you and look at the state of that.

Rhenna: ...

Brinty: Nekci why [are you doing this] though.

Nekci: Brinty please [stop being stupid]. Oh S***! Look who the f*** it is now! (LADEY GAGS enters)

Gags: Hey, Rhenna.

Rhenna: Hey, Gags. What [are] you up to?

Gags: [I have] Just been tourin[g] and drivin[g] and stuff. Where'[i]s Nekci and Brinty?

Rhenna: I don't know. [By the way,] why do you have [a] man's voice

Gags: That's as irrelevant as your latest single. By the way, Rhenna,

Rhenna: What?

Gags: Stop doin[g] that [changing weaves rapidly].

Rhenna: Gags please [stop trying to change me].

Gags: (sees Nekci and Brinty in Rhenna's weave.) ...

Nekci: Rhenna. You dumb h**. Now that b**** can see us hiding in your s*** weave.

Rhenna: Nekci is a twat to be honest.

Gags: Rhenna [and] I actually agree. We should get Nekci back for being such a d*** to us.

Nekci: 'Kay.

Da Quen BEdit

Nekci: Oh hey. I'm just chillin[g]. Bein[g] Nekci. (KETY PERR enters) Oh look! It’s my B.F.F., Kety!

Kety: Hey, Nekci!

Nekci: What the f***, Kety. [Yo]u look like s***. Try to be original next time[you come here]. (BAYONSE NOALS enters)

Bayonse: Girl~~!! (Sees NEKCI and KETY) What the f*** is this?

Nekci: Oh hey, Bayonse!

Bayonse: Nekci, this is beyond a joke. [Yo]u two are copying me!

Kety: Whats?

Bayonse: Wo[ah!] Wo[ah!] Wo[ah!] Who is this?

Kety: I’m Kety Perr.

Bayonse: Never heard of you, Carly. Nekci, Who is this b****?

Nekci: It’s Kety Perr.

Bayonse: I don’t know any Stacey[s]. She can go s*** a d***

Kety: kay.

Bayonse: I’m the Que[e]n B[ee].

Nekci: Um, there’s only one queen. And that’s Medoner… B****

Bayonse: Um.. Who?

Medoner (Offstage): L…V…U…Medoner!

Kety: Not again! Oh My God!

Bayonse: Oh S***! Not That B****[again]! (MEDONER enters)

Nekci: Medoner, these h**s copied me!

Medoner: What the F***, Nekci! Don’t speak to me again! Why [are] you in my house?

Bayonse: Nekci, you said this was your house!

Nekci: Bayonse please [be quiet].

Medoner: Who [is] that?

Bayonse: It’s Naomi.

Kety: No. My name is Kety.

Medoner: I Don’t Give A! Speaking of which, who wants to buy my new album, MDNE.

Nekci: How many do you have left?

Medoner: Like two or something. (Over 20 copies fall on KETY.) Poor Kelly.

Nekci: Bayonse, we should help Medoner sell her album

Bayonse: Are you f****n’ kidding, Nekci? (BAYONSE exits)

Medoner: Thanks, Nekci.

Kety: Please help.