Brinty Joan Spreas (known to her stans as Godny) is a main character. She is known for her bored attitude, her vapid speech, and her role as an X Fater judge. She affectionally refers to her stans as Fatte Females.

Episode 1: Trolling BrintyEdit

Brinty makes her appearance in the first episode, where she is trolled by Nekci and Rhenna. After hiding in Rhenna's weave, she and Nekci flee from Ladey Gags.

Episode 4: Bron Dis WeyEdit

Brinty attends the Bron Dis Wey Ball, which is actually the debut concert of Bayonse's newly reformed Destin's Child.

Episode 5: Haus PertyEdit

Brinty attends Ke@$h£r's gay party. She claims to "rly admir" her without realizing she's speaking to her. She later leaves out of utter boredom.

Episode 8 - The Flop Musec AwerdsEdit

Brinty wins one award at the FMAs. She is briefly seen inquiring as to Adole]'s whereabouts.

Episode 9 - Rhenna HolideyEdit

Brint Brint shows up at Nekci's house, where is convinced to become an X Fater judge for $15 million by Samon Cwol. Her flop peers are convinced this is career suicide.

Episode 10 - P£nk FrondeyEdit

Kety Perr rounds up Brinty and 9 others and attempts to force them to see her film Pert Of Me in 3d. She escapes unharmed.

Episode 12 - VagetorienEdit

Brinty shows up at Lol Kem's funeral attempting to sell Bayonse's baby, thinking it's a lawnmower. She invites all the flops present to her Halloween party.

Episode 13 - The Holowen GoastEdit

Brint Brint is annoyed when XTine crashes her party, followed by Gags literally crashing into her party. She wears a frightening witch costume. She sends Nekci and Medoner to her "big fat basement" when the power goes out.

Episode 14 - Nekci's Late XmasEdit

Brinty attends Nekci's Xmas party, and participates in cannibalizing the roasted corpse of Kety Perr.

Medoner's Behind The Scones - Scram & ShitEdit

Brinty grants Medoner an exclusive interview about her latest collab with Wilem, "Scram & Shit". She goes through 6 or 7 costume changes in the video. She promos X Fater and Nekci's Xmas special. In typical flop fashion, the actual song is about how much better she is than all the other bitches.