Not to be confused with The Nekci Menij Show episode of the same name.

Blockout 2.0 artwork


Blockout 2.0 back cover

Blockout 2.0
is a compilation album by Brinty Spreas, and the follow-up to her fifth record, 'Blockout'. It was featured in the 16th episode of The Nekci Menij Show.


Blockout 2.0 came about when Brinty decided to rush-release an album during a suspiciously quiet period for flop music. She told fellow musician Adole that she did it in an attempt to 'regane the stret cred ive sold'.

The track listing includes ten standard addition songs, including collaboration with Wilem: Scram & Shit, six new tracks, and three songs reappearing from previous albums. In addition to its inclusion in the main tracklisting, Raider also features as a 'bones' track (its third time appearing on an album after Blockout and Cirus).

Track listingEdit

  1. Scram & Shit feat. Wilem
  2. Piss Off Me 2.0
  3. Raider
  4. Fanter Fanter (No Coak)
  5. Ooh Ooh Veniller Candels
  6. No-No (A No From Me)
  7. #Oohlala
  8. Fun & Kool feat. Medoner
  9. Big Fat Base feat. Wilem
  10. Crimnel
  11. Bones track: Raider