Brintbot's ignoble end.

Bayonse's robots, officially BEEHIV_UNITs, are fakes of the majority of the characters. During her plan to dominate the music industry in Blockout 2.0 and Butifel Lier, Bayonse controls the robots to announce their retirements from music so that the entire world will turn to her for songs.

List of robotsEdit

  • Robot Kety is wrongly assumed to be 'Helen' By Medoner or 'Linda' by Bayonse, as the real Kety supposedly died in the Christmas special. The robot and agrees to help Brinty make an album, and tells her to stop saying 'fromslimmer than the remix'. Robot Kety has a transportational device built into her. Nicel shuts the robot's power off when she and the Brinty arrive.
  • Robot Rhenna is controlled to say that she only needs 2 singles released for a good album.
  • Robot Gags is controlled to 'get ready for art pop 2019'.
  • Robot Ke@$h£r and Wilem are controlled to say that they wrote a song together.
  • Robot Brinty is controlled to say that she wrote a song for The Smurfs, and Medoner believed that she was the real Brinty. Nekci attacked the robot with an umbrella when she refused to give the real Brinty back. Like Robot Kety, Robot Brinty has a transportational device built into her, and the robot uses it when she catches Nekci trying to warn Adole about Bayonse's plan. Brinty exploded after attempting some yoga.
  • Robot Nekci, Medoner, Adole and Xtine are the most powerful robots of all, but Krely explodes the robots along with Bayonse's lair by soaking the power system.