Bayonse (also known Quen B) is a main character from The Nekci Menij Show. She occasionally leads the group Destin's Child and hosts Bayonse's Quens Of Flop. She is extremely megalomanical and has attempted to conquer the music industry and/or world more than once. Her stans are affectionately referred to as b-hives.


Episode 2 - Da Quen B Edit

Bay accuses Nekci and Kety of stealing her look. She begins the long-running trend of referring to Kety by the wrong name. She refuses to help Medoner sell MDNE.

Episode 3 - Telephone Edit

Bayonse calls Gags to invite her to join the reincarnation of Destin's Child. At the end she solicits an additional member/servant, but doesn't want anyone too fat or smelly.

Episode 4 - Bron Dis Wey Edit

Bayonse hosts the Bron Dis Wey Ball, which is actually a Destin's Child concert, at Haus Of Gags. She introduces Ke@sh£r as the third member of the group. They perform Shitty Ledys. Bayonse immediately fires Gags and Ke@sh£r.

Episode 6 - Wid Awoke Edit

Bayonse shows up at Merier Care's hospital to pay her respects to Kety, who she assumes is near death. She is disappointed like everyone else when Kety wakes up.

Episode 7 - The MDNE Tore Edit

Bay attends the MDNE Tore at Haus of Gags. Adole shades her mercilessly. She comforts Medoner (whom she calls "Madgina") by reminding her of the upcoming FMAs.

Episode 8 - The Flop Musec Awerds Edit

Bayonse struts the red carpet with her baby Blo Ive in tow. She is nominated for Most Atenshun Seking Pulisty Stunt for her pregnancy, but loses to Adole. She upstages Adole's acceptance speech in disguise. Bay suspiciously disappears just before Nekci is nearly killed by an intentionally-dropped stage light.

Episode 27 (part 1) - The Comeback Edit

Bayonse discovered that her baby Blo Ive is gone kidnapped by Kelly Minogue the Australian diva. She called Z-Jey to bring her the "Australian", but failed to do so as he brought Eggy Eggs, a new Australian raper in a cage literally. Bayonse fired him from his job and attempt to take Blo Ive before Z-Jey does with Eggy Eggs.

Bayonse's Quens Of Flop Edit

Following her appearances in The Nekci Menij Show, Bayonse begun hosting her own spin-off Bayonse's Quens Of Flop, in which she interview some of the worlds biggest flop music stars. Guests on Quens Of Flop so far include Medoner, Rhenna and Brinty Spreas.

Discography Edit


  • Dengerusly In Luv
  • B' Dey
  • I Em Secha Ferce
  • 4
  • Lemonede

Quotes Edit

"Ex-fuckin scuse me, am spekin."


"Hu da fuk is dis bitch?"

"nekci this is bayond a jk u 2 r copyin me"

"ah listen to that, the sownd of ur relevans driveng awey into the sunsat, its huntingly butieful"

" is this"

"u thenk ur the next goddam suppreem?"

"did ur hands fall off"

"joining us today is an arguebly famus gest hu went from the frunt page of the newspapars to the secand page of atrl"

"o my god, i ran out of shits to giv"

"helo minions it is i, the grinch hu snached weves"

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