Azel Bank is a controversial breakthrough rap sensation best known for her 2011 global smash hit '212'.

Episode 15 - Quen Of Twattir Edit

Azel makes her debut when Bayonse calls on her to thwart Medoner's newfound success on social networking website Twattir. When Azel accuses Medoner of 'hating gays', she responds by shading her 'pound shop weave', causing other flopstars to accuse her of bullying Azel. When Azel gets the hashtag #GetMedonerBaned trending, Medoner quickly begins losing followers, and she eventually ends up having her account suspended.

Episode 16 - Blockout 2.0 Edit

Azel is apparently now living at Chez Bayonse desperately recording albums to please Bay and the Ilomenoty. Bayonse is not impressed and sends Azel plummeting through a trap door.

Episode 26Edit

Azel tells Cherly Cool that her album is finally getting released, to which she replies "wtf dont spred blatently maid up rumers".

Episode 27 Edit

Azel meets Rhenna & Nekci at a Quen of Rap/Pop Consert and talks to them as well as shading Nekci. When Eggy goes on stage she doesn't know who she is and jumps on Rhenna's shoulders to see who the alleged new 'Quen of Rap' is.

Trivia Edit

In the episode 15 Azel shows 3 arms: Infact, after having talked to Bayonse, she holds her telephone with one hand and writes on another one with two arms.